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Providing various IT Solutions to the SME Market.
ClubRight Integration Support Provider
Microsoft Certified
Paxton Certified / Paxton Integration Support Provider
Pyronix Certified
HIK ANPR Solutions


  • ClubRight Software Install and Integration.
    When we were introduced to Simon we were struggling to integrate membership management software with property access software and a CCTV system. We are a small community project and were not experienced at commissioning the systems we needed and may not have bought wisely from our local supplier.

    We were introduce to Simon by the membership management software company, ClubRight as they could not help us to get the integrations right. Simon could not have been more helpful or professional. He took control of our systems, recommended improvements and upgrades to the equipment (but not expensive ones). He then patiently guided us through the installation and commissioning until we were competent and confident that we could operate effectively. We have now taken out a maintenance and oversight contract with him and he keeps an eye on our systems remotely – often spotting issues before we do. Having him to support us gives us confidence and peace of mind. He is invariably helpful, professional and incredibly competent and is a real pleasure to deal with. We cannot recommend his knowledge, technical ability or friendliness highly enough.

    Dee. G – LochCarron Gym Chair
  • Having embarked on opening both my clubs for 24 hour access proved challenging to say the least, particularly for someone as tech phobic as myself. Navigating the minefield of software integrations, 24 hour access, hardware requirements was beyond me.
    Simon's service not only helped me get our systems integrated, communicating with each other and working correctly, but his ongoing remote support ensures downtime is addressed immediately.

    Nothing is too much trouble either. I can ring him anytime with queries or problems and he is always patient and helpful.

    A must for those going 24 hour!!

    Pat @ Club Energy Gym’s


Some of the services we provide:

  • IT Support
  • ClubRight integration managed solutions
  • Server and desktop system solutions
  • Net2 Comissioning
  • Paxton Net2 Integration Comissioning / Support
  • Pyronix Installs and Support
  • IT Security Testing
  • Ubiquiti Unifi WIFI Solutions Provider

We provide a fully managed IT Support solution

ClubRight Integration Partner

Access Control specialist providing a fully managed solution for ClubRight Integration into Paxton and Nortech access solutions. Find out more about
ClubRight All in One Gym Software

Turnstile Installation and Support

We provide a fully managed installation of turnstile solutions for your business. speak to use about how we can provide the right solution for your budget but also your location.

Paxton Net2

Paxton Net2 door access control solutions provider. We can provide a fully managed door access solution that fits your needs now and for the future. As certified and registered installers we can support your business needs when it comes to door access and Paxton.

Pyronix Alarms

Fully installed and managed Pyronix Alarms. Our alarms can be linked to a monitoring station for a fully monitored and managed alarm solution.

Ubiquity Wireless Networks

We can provide a fully installed and managed WI-FI solution for any sized environment / organisation.

Microsoft Support and Solutions Provider

We are a very experienced Microsoft solutions provider with over 26 years of experience troubleshooting and supporting Microsoft products.


We are a technology support and service providing company with over 26 years of experience in the IT and Security Industry. We pride ourselves on providing the solution to the problems businesses face. We make IT work for your business.


You can contact us during normal business hours (8:30am GMT - 6:00pm GMT)

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